Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavators XN12 Mini Excavator small bagger for sale

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Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavators Xn12 Mini Excavator Small Bagger For Sale - Buy Xn12 Mini Excavator,Micro-excavator With Kubota Engine,Xn12 Mini Excavator With Diesel Engine Product | Excavator......

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Pictures and details about the productSmall Excavator XN12 XN12: 13 horsepower, 1050 kg, 0.025 cubic meter bucket, digging depth: 1500 mm, may be equipped with Auger, Wood Grab, Roof, Ripper, Rake, 500mm Leveling Bucket, 380mm Standard Bucket, and 200mm Narrow Bucket Rhinoceros xn12 for sale, XINIU excavator, Rhinoceros, Mini Excavator with Ex-tracks, Mini Excavator with Hammer, Mini Excavator with Ex-track, Mini Excavator Wholesales, Chinese Mini Excavator, Best Chinese Mini Excavator, Chinese Mini Digger Uk
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Shandong, China
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Excavating Machinery
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Western Europe 30.00%, South America 10.00%, Eastern Europe 10.00%


The Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator is a powerful piece of equipment designed for both adults and children. It is the perfect tool for any project that requires excavation, digging, or earthmoving. In this usage manual, we will guide you through how to use this machine effectively and safely.

For Adults:

  1. Operating Controls: Before operating the excavator, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the controls. These include the joystick, throttle, ignition switch, and hydraulic system. Make sure you understand how to operate these controls before starting the machine.

  2. Safety Gear: Always wear appropriate safety gear while operating the excavator. This includes a hard hat, eye protection, earplugs, gloves, and steel-toed boots.

  3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is critical to keep the excavator in good working condition. Always check the oil level, fuel, hydraulics, and other fluids before operating the machine. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance and repair.

  4. Terrain: Be aware of the terrain you are operating on. Avoid steep slopes, unstable ground, or areas with underground utilities. Always stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

For Children:

  1. Adult Supervision: Children should only operate the mini excavator under adult supervision. The adult should have prior knowledge of how to operate the machine and should supervise all activities.

  2. Safety Gear: Children should also wear proper safety gear, including a hard hat, eye protection, earplugs, gloves, and steel-toed boots.

  3. Simple Tasks: Children should only be allowed to perform simple tasks, such as picking up small objects or moving a small amount of soil. They should not be allowed to operate the machine independently.

  4. Keep Away from Dangers: Children should always stay away from areas where heavy machinery is operating. They should never stand near the machine or attempt to ride on it.


The Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used by both adults and children. However, it is critical to follow all safety guidelines to avoid any accidents or injuries. Always wear proper safety gear, perform regular maintenance, and stay alert when operating this machine.

Welcome to the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavators XN12 Mini Excavator FAQ! We understand you may have questions about the appearance and safety of our product, so we've compiled some common questions and answers below.

Q: What does the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator look like? A: Our mini excavator has a sleek and modern design with a yellow exterior. It is compact in size, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Q: Is the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator safe to operate? A: Yes, our mini excavator is designed with safety in mind. It comes equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety belts, and protective structures for operators.

Q: How does the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator ensure safety for bystanders? A: Our mini excavator has safety features that protect both operators and bystanders. For example, it has audible alarms that warn when the machine is operating, as well as safety lockouts to prevent unauthorized use.

Q: Does the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator have any safety certifications? A: Yes, our mini excavator meets CE safety regulations, which are recognized globally as a standard for machinery safety.

Q: What is the weight limit for the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator? A: Our mini excavator has a maximum weight capacity of 1 ton.

Q: Can the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator be used for digging in all types of soil? A: Our mini excavator is designed for light to moderate excavation work and can handle most types of soil, including clay and sand.

We hope these answers have provided you with some helpful information about the appearance and safety features of our Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 Mini Excavator. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 is a powerful and versatile machine that offers exceptional performance and impressive durability. Designed for small-scale excavation and earthmoving tasks, this mini excavator is the perfect choice for homeowners, landscapers, and small construction companies.

One of the most notable features of the Rhinoceros XN12 is its compact size. With its small footprint and lightweight design, this excavator can easily navigate through tight spaces and confined areas with ease. Despite its small stature, however, the XN12 packs a powerful punch, thanks to its efficient hydraulic system and high-quality steel construction.

In terms of performance, the Rhinoceros XN12 delivers outstanding results. Its powerful engine provides plenty of torque, allowing it to tackle a wide range of excavation tasks with ease. The excavator's intuitive controls and smooth operation make it easy for operators to maneuver and control, even in tight or challenging work environments.

When it comes to appearance, the Rhinoceros XN12 is both stylish and functional. Its sleek lines and modern design give it a contemporary look that is sure to impress, while its sturdy construction and durable finish ensure that it can withstand even the toughest working conditions.

Overall, the Rhinoceros 1ton Small Excavator XN12 is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable, high-performance mini excavator. With its impressive capabilities, durable construction, and attractive design, it is sure to provide years of dependable service and value for money. Whether you're a homeowner looking to tackle a DIY project or a professional contractor in need of a reliable tool, the Rhinoceros XN12 is definitely worth considering.